Shock absorber set 360mm IMCA chrome

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120032 120032 120032 IMCA
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  • Brand: IMCA
  • Model: 120032


IMCA shocks

  • 360 mm
  • Chrome/silver.
  • 3 ways adjustable.

Dimensions: (picture 3)

  • A = 360mm
  • B = 45mm
  • C = 10mm
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Product specifications

Shock absorber
Shock absorber length360mm

About IMCA

Founded in 1968, IMCA manufactures mechanical, hydraulic and hydropneumatic shock absorbers for motorbikes, bicycles and mopeds, suitable for use in all types of two-wheeled vehicles (mopeds, motorbikes, scooters, etc.). IMCA is a top Italian product and was originally fitted to Puch as a first fitment.


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