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Ignition inner rotor Selettra KZ Puch universal

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Model: 80094
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Selettra KZ inner rotor ignition: Ultra-light rotor; 48mm diameter and 200 grams!

  • Ignition is suitable for left- and right turning engines so it also can be used on Z50 and ZA50 engines.
  • The distance between the stator and the rotor is significantly larger than with all other ignitions. This means that damage will never occur at high temperatures and high speeds.
  • Compared to conventional ignition systems, the internal rotor ignition is much more agile due to the low rotor flywheel mass (200 grams) and the engine revs up faster. In addition, the ignition adjustment is noticeable in the power delivery.
  • With this internal rotor ignition, there is no alternator or battery charge available, so a charged battery is necessary for the lighting system and other electrical consumers.
  • Rotor 1:5
  • Stator with 3200 windings
  • Stator diameter: 90mm 
  • For Puch, Tomos, Kreidler, Hercules, Minarelli, Sachs 3 Gang
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Category: Engine parts
Type product: Electronic / ignition
Type product: Rotor ignitions
Engine parts
Motor:E50, Z50, ZA50, 2 / 3 speed, 4 speed
Electric / ignition
Ignition type:Inner rotor
Rotation:Left, Right
Volt:12 volt
Weight:880 gram

Selettra ignitions is an Italian top product mainly found in the scooter scene, but fortunately they also make very many products for vintage mopeds and thus also for Puch, very wide choice available and in stock, analog, digital, with and without light coils, for race and street use it is all there.

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