Tank / parts

Fuel cap 28mm with lock
Fuel cap baionet lock 30mm
Fuel cap bajonet 40mm with Puch logo
Fuel cap Puch VZ50 gasket rubber
Fuel cap sponge anthracite
Fuel cap sponge dark blue
Fuel cap sponge green
Fuel cap sponge light blue
Fuel cap sponge red
Fuel cap sponge white
Fuel cap sponge yellow
Petrol tap M10x1 for ROG Pony
Tank cover Puch VZ50
Tank Cure Epoxy Remover 500ml
Tank Cure Rust Remover 500ml
Tank Cure tankcoating 450 gram
Tank Cure tankcoating 450 gram set
Tank Cure tankcoating 600 gram
Tank hook Puch Ø 6mm
Tank Puch MS tool cover
Tankrubber Puch MV / VS / DS / MS
Test stand petrol tank 1,5 liter
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