Gaskets and gasket sets for each Puch model

Whatever gasket or gasket set you are looking for for your Puch, you can be sure to find it on, the world's largest shop for Puch parts for good reason. Are you not quite sure which gasket or gasket set you need? Contact us and our Puch fanatics will help you quickly. 


Amal 15/17 mm float tank gasket
Base gasket 0.5mm
Base gasket 1.0mm
Base gasket 1.0mm alu
Base gasket 1.5mm
Base gasket 1.5mm alu
Clutch cover gasket for Puch Z50
Clutch cover gasket Puch MV / VS
Clutch cover gasket Puch ZA50
Clutch cover gasket Puch ZA50 + crankcase gasket kit
Crank case gasket Puch MS50 / MS50L
Crank case gasket Puch ZA50
Dellorto PHBG float tank gasket
Dellorto PHBG gasket kit
Encarwi float chamber gasket
Exhaust gasket 22mm
Exhaust gasket 22mm with ring
Exhaust gasket 26mm
Exhaust gasket 27mm with ring
Exhaust gasket 35mm
Exhaust gasket cylinder 20mm
Gasket set 72cc (46mm) for Airsal
Gasket set 74cc (47mm) Parmakit
Head gasket 50cc 38mm 0.3mm
Head gasket 65cc 44mm 0.5mm
Head gasket 70cc 45mm 0.5mm alu
Inlet gasket Puch Maxi E50 square
Oil drain plug fibre washer 8x14mm
Oil fill plug fibre washer
Reed valve gasket Athena AJH
Reed valve gasket Athena AJH small
Reed valve gasket Athena small
Reed valve gasket Piaggo / Zip
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