MoTip filler polyester putty 250 gram

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Even out imperfections such as holes in surfaces of steel, aluminium, wood, concrete and polyester on your car with MoTip 2-component polyester putty.

  • MoTip polyester putty
  • Content 250 grams
  • 2-component polyester putty.
  • Polyester putty is elastic and easy to sand.
  • An elastic, highly reactive mixture based on polyester resin.
  • For levelling and filling unevennesses.
  • Very well sandable and overpaintable with all paint systems.
  • Excellent adhesion and resistant to chemicals and weather influences.
  • Suitable for: bare metal, aluminium, wood, polyester and concrete.
  • MoTip Polyester Putty can be applied in layers with a maximum thickness of 2cm.


  1. Best application temperature 10 - 25°C.
  2. The surface must be clean, dry and grease-free. Remove loose old paint and rust, and sand the surface.
  3. Mix the required amount of putty with the hardener. Apply in the required layer thickness. After curing, sand and apply fine putty if required.
  4. Drying time depends on ambient temperature.
  5. Clean used tools immediately after use. Do not store excess material mixed with hardener in the can.

About MoTip

MoTip is a market leader in the development of spray solutions for paints, varnishes and technical products and is mainly active in the automotive, DIY and industrial segments. Motip also tries to keep spray cans affordable for the small hobbyist like us; the Puch riders.

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Product specifications MoTip filler polyester putty 250 gram

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