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Exhaust Puch Maxi / E50 28mm Bullet Blank

€ 39,90
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Model: 30005
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Bullit exhaust

  • Blank metal with aluminium silencer.
  • 28mm


  • A: 260mm
  • B: 610mm
  • C: 24mm
  • D: 28mm
  • E: 8mm


  • Use our long brass M6 nuts in combination with hardened studs (see related products). This so you can easily and fully tighten the exhaust flange. Brass is also softer than steel, so it will not seize.
  • Always use a new exhaust gasket when fitting an exhaust

When using all exhausts, black painted, chrome and blanc exhausts, heat build-up at the exhaust manifold can cause the following:

  • At black outlets the paint can dissolve a little.
  • Chrome and blanc exhaust manifolds may discolour

If the nozzle is too small or if the ignition is set incorrectly, the exhaust port becomes very hot and discoloring and dissolve of the paint on the exhaust manifold will occur faster than a perfectly adjusted engine. We give no guarantee on discoloration or solving of the paint on the exhaust manifold!

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Category: Engine parts
Type product: Exhaust
Type product: Exhausts complete
Exhaust diameter:28mm
Exhaust finishing:Blank
Weight:2000 gram

Do you want to tune your Puch moped with a nice exhaust for more power? Then a Bullet Exhaust might be the best choice for you! With their calculated exhausts for optimal power, you can get more horsepower out of your puch moped. From original replica exhausts, cigar style exhausts or ones with expansion chambers inside of them. Bullet also has a variety of race exhausts for Puch with different sizes of manifolds as well as big resonance expansion chambers with end silencers at a tailpipe. Be sure to check them all out on 

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