Crankshaft Sachs engine type 501 and 506/3 with piston pin 12mm Rito

Brand: Rito
Model: 200904
Status: In stock

Race crankshaft for Sachs 501 and 506/3 mopeds 

The racing crankshaft is designed for high loads and has a maximum pre-compression through the padded holes.


  • Total length of the shaft on the ignition side: 71.5 mm
  • Diameter on the side of the ignition: 17 mm
  • Total length of the shaft on the clutchg side: 74.5 mm
  • Diameter shaft directly next to crankshaft cheek clutch side: 16.8 mm
  • Diameter shaft 2nd part attachment clutch: 12 mm
  • The needle bearing is included (for 12mm piston pin)

Suitable for: Hercules Prima GT GX, Supra MK 1 MK 2 KTM MS , DKW and a lot others with Sach 501 en 506/3 engines

€ 179,90

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