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Prices & VAT at Puchshop

The prices in our webshop are by default based on 21% VAT (NL). Due to the European VAT rules which came into effect on 1 July 2021, we have to apply the VAT rate of each country in Europe.

View this page for a overview of the VAT rates.

If you are not logged in, at first you will see the prices in our webshop based on 21% VAT, but after filling in your address, you will see different prices because the VAT rate for your country will be applied.

New European VAT rules for web shops go into effect on 1 July 2021

Puchshop.de BV sells its Puch parts throughout Europe and therefore we exceed the applicable threshold of € 10.000,- for distance selling. This means that we have to pay VAT for each European country to which we deliver parts to B2C.

This Union scheme will apply to all companies in Europe. We will be filing VAT returns for all these countries via one desk. This means that the VAT amount shown in the webshop can differ per European country because not every country has the same VAT rates.

What does this mean for you as a customer? Basically nothing will change for you, if you are logged into your Puchshop account, you will see the prices based on the VAT rates that apply in your country. It may therefore be that a customer in Denmark which has a VAT rate of 25% pays more for a product from our webshop than, for example customer from Germany where the VAT rate is 19%. This explains why the webshop prices can differ in different countries within Europe.

Here you can find more info about the Union scheme: https://www.kvk.nl/advies-en.......van%20invoerrechten%20.

VAT rates for:

Austria - 20%
Belgium - 21%
Bosnia - 0%
Bulgaria - 21%
Czech Republic - 21%
Denmark - 25%
Deutschland - 19%
Estland - 20%
Finland - 24%
France - 20%
Great Britian - 20% or 0% if your order value subtotal is over 135,00 GBP (+/- €160,00)(read more about Brexit)
Greece - 24%
Hungary - 27%
Ireland - 23%
Italy - 22%
Kroatia - 25%
Latvia - 21%
Liechtenstein - 0%
Lithuania - 21%
Luxembourg - 17%
Netherlands - 21%
Norway - 0%
Poland - 23%
Portugal - 23%
Romania - 19%
Serbia - 0%
Slovakia - 20%
Slovenia - 22%
Spain - 21%
Sweden - 25%
Switzerland - 0%
Rest of the world - 0%

Outside EU

As a customer from outside Europe you can buy from us VAT free. Please register an Puchshop account or order as a guest. If you are registered then you can enter your delivery address. If this is a non-European country, all prices will automatically be displayed without VAT.

Would you like to order as a guest? Please enter your delivery address in the checkout. If the country is outside Europe, all prices will automatically be displayed without VAT.

I have a VAT number and I am from Europe

Customers from Europe, who have a valid VAT number, can also order from us without VAT (shifted VAT). Please register a Puchshop account and contact us. After checking your VAT number we can adjust your Puchshop account so that when you are logged in, no VAT will be charged.

Are you from the Netherlands? Then this is not possible.

Some products are sold as a set and some products are sold individually. The quantity of the products are always delivered as shown in the picture or text of the product.

Do you need 2 pieces of a product? But there is only one in the picture? Then you need to order it twice. All product descriptions, prices and images are with reservation of typing errors.

Are you looking for a specific part but you didn't find it in our webshop? Contact our customer service and we will do our best to help you!

Are you from Switzerland or Liechtenstein and do you want your parcel delivered to a delivery address in a nearby country in Europe, such as Germany, Austria, France or Italy? If so, the VAT rate of the relevant country will be calculated when you place your order. When importing the package to Switzerland or Liechtenstein, you will have the right to get a refund of the VAT amount you have paid.

The package we send will come with an export invoice, you will have this to be stamped at the customs as proof of export. Then send the stamped invoice to us by e-mail so that we can refund the VAT amount you have paid. Please clearly mention your order number. The refund will always be made via the payment method on which your order was placed and we will process it within 7 working days of receiving the stamped invoice.

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