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We regularly receive new products. Not only parts, but also components and accessories to decorate and customize your Puch, like stickers, mudguards, saddles, grips, frame parts, engine parts and so on. Here you can see them at a glance.


Spark plug NGK B7HS bulk pack 10 pieces
Spark plug NGK B6HS bulk pack 10 pieces
Gasket set 70cc (45mm) Airsal
Gasket set 65cc (44mm) Airsal
Piston 44.95mm 70cc VHM racing piston
Piston 44.94mm 70cc VHM racing piston
Exhaust Puch Maxi / E50 28mm Bullet cigar resonance chrome
Cable reel 15 meter
Handlebar clipon kit 28mm black MLM
Reed valve Sachs 2V / 3V / 4V
Socks Puch "All i want for X-mas" from Puchshop (39-45)
Winter Starter Pack Puch
Hose clamp 22-45mm
Hose clamp 19-45mm (wide)
Autosol Scratch Remover 75ml
Autosol RustEx 250ml
Piston ring 47mm Wössner (47x1mm)
Chain 420-130 Tsubaki Gamma-QRS
Chain 415-130 Tsubaki Gamma-QRS
Spoke covers black (2x 38 pieces)
Spoke covers white (2x 38 pieces)
Spoke covers red (2x 38 pieces)
Spoke covers blue (2x 38 pieces)
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