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2-stroke oil Eurol TTX Bio ashless

Brand: Eurol
Model: 221009
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Eurol TTX Bio ashless 2-stroke oil

  • Dutch Topproduct!
  • 1 liter
  • Fully synthetic biodegradable ashless 2-stroke oil
  • Eurol TTX Bio is a biodegradable, fully synthetic ashless 2-stroke engine oil, especially designed for the modern, environment minded moped rider of 2-stroke engines. It can be applied in both pre-mix, as well as in oil injection systems.
  • Eurol TTX Bio guarantees an excellent protection against wear, even at high speeds and high temperatures. This high quality oil lays the foundation for every peak performance and gives an optimum safety for the environment and the engine.
  • Eurol TTX Bio's formulation is based on complex esters, combined with a high performance additive package with oxidation protection. It offers an ashless combustion, keeping pistons, spark plugs and combustion chambers free from deposits, preventing pre-ignition.
  • Eurol TTX Bio is formulated with special additives to protect the engine from rust and corrosion during operation and when in storage. Due to the unique formula, the oil is miscible with gasoline, even at very low temperatures (-40 °C).

Product sheet  Eurol TTX Bio ashless 2-stroke oil 

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