Axle rear wheel 12mm (ball bearing) complete innovation!

Brand: Swiing
Model: 150629
Status: Not in stock

Wheel axle with closed ball bearings for Puch rear wheels.

  • The set consists of a 190 mm long wheel axle, two special ball bearings, one half height and two high M12x1 nuts and various distance bushings.
  • Works with starwheel hubs and spokewheel hubs. Easy conversion of balls to fixed bearings!
  • The already greased bearings have an outer diameter of 29 mm.
  • Installation instructions: When installing the ball bearings, it must be ensured that the long spacer bush between the two ball bearings must be clamped. If necessary, you have to add a thin one so that it is really guaranteed that the two bearings press on the distance bush with the inner ring. If this is ignored, the ball bearings will inevitably jam.

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