Bracket MLM for mounting of the ignition coil

Brand: MLM
Model: 150243
Status: In stock

MLM Puch bracket for easy mounting of the ignition coil !! This is a super handy bracket that makes it a easy to fit every coil on every moped. This is really great for every moped !!

Screw bolt holes provide a coil attachment distance of approximately 32 mm to 54 mm! This means that you can attach any coil, Bosch, PVL, HPI, etc. !! The slotted holes are also large enough to use m6 bolts if you wish. The bottom fixing hole is also 6 mm!

Important, the bracket has an e-coating that is comparable to powder coating. For a good grounding it is important to remove a small amount of the coating to obtain an optimal metal on metal contact.

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