Speedometer 100 km/h for Puch DS, MC50, R50, VZ50

Model: 140092
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Speedometer 100 km/h 

  • For Puch  DS, MC50, R50, VZ50
  • Replica Top quality.
  • From about 1967, "Puch and KTM" large mopeds had a "square" Speedometer with a viewing range of 60 km / h or even 100 km / h. But it was just an angular dial. The actual speedometer mechanism is in a round cabinet. That's why the outfit in the cockpit was round. These Speedometer are no longer available! This Speedometer is designed with a rectangular housing with dimensions of 50 x 61 mm. If your headlight has a round recess for the Speedometer, you can adjust it by squaring the hole rectangularly. If you do, the odometer can easily be used for the Puch M50 and KTM Comet models.

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