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Handle set left for brake light model Magura black

Model: 11307
Status: In stock

  • Brake lever with brake light switch mounting
  • Complete as in picture, with Lusito grip.
  • Without brake light switch and hollow tooth (see related products)
  • Without start / choke lever, if needed order a seperate Handle clutch / choke handle.
  • Model Magura
  • Small adjustments possible (filing, etc.), depending on the brand of throttle cable

Note: Only return possible in a sealed packaging.
Check the lever itself on damages before opening the package.

When mounting, do not over tighten the fixing bolt. No guarantee in case of overtightening!
If there is too much play on your steering bar, mount some electrotape or latoen copper around your steering bar to make the diameter thicker. This prevents you from ovetightening the bolt.

€ 9,90

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