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Kokusan instruction manual for installation on a Puch Maxi E50 engine

Kokusan package contents

  • 1x Kokusan flywheel
  • 1x Coil with ground plate
  • 1x Wiring loom
  • 1x Voltage regulator
  • 1x Rectifier
  • 1x Spark plug wire with rubber seal
  • 6x M4x20mm cross head bolt and rings

Mount the coils with the supplied M4x20 cross head bolts onto the groundplate. Start with a base setup with the sensor straight down (at 6 o clock) to get approximately 1,3mm preignition.

Guide the wires (white, yellow, green and red) trough the left side of the coil. Make sure to move the insulation cover as for as possible towards the coil.

Before you can mount the groundplate onto the engine, use a Multi-tool or file to grind/remove a small corner of the black coil insulation. Mount the ground plate with the 3 supplied M4x20mm cross head bolts onto the engine.

Mount the loop of the green earth wire underneath one of the M4x20mm bolts. Make sure that the wire makes an good ground connection. 

Monteer vervolgens het vliegwiel op de spie. Controleer hierbij of er geen kabels aanlopen op het vliegwiel en monteer vervolgens de vliegwielmoer. De voorontsteking is verstelbaar door de positie van de grondplaat te verdraaien. Dit kan door de drie M4x10mm bouten op de grondplaat losjes te draaien. Draai vervolgens de grondplaat naar links of rechts om de voorontsteking tussen 0,8mm en 1,8mm te kunnen afstellen.

Sluit de draden van de bobine aan volgens de onderstaande schema:

Attention, make sure the green ground wire makes an good ground connection.Connect the exit wire on a free contact of the coil. (off switch)

Use the supplied wire loom to connect the rectifier onto the voltage regulator

  • Connect the two yellow wires together with the yellow wire of the intition and the outgoing yellow wire of the lightning, so you get four wires combined together.
  • Mount the green ground wire onto a ground point of your frame. The other side of this wire is the ground that you mounted onto a cross head bolt of the ground plate.
  • You can use the red wire to charge a 12v lead-zinc or gel battery

Advise: mount the rectifier somewhere on your frame, where it can be cooled by

the airflow.

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