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INSTALLATION MANUAL: HPI 210 1 cylinder 2 stroke universal ignition with integrated 60W light coil

HPI wants to thank you for your confidence in its products.
Please read this manual carefully to ensure years of enjoyment of this specialised high end electronic device. This manual shows you how to properly install the stator, flywheel, CDI and HT coil.

Stator Installation:

  • Remove the original ignition from your engine.
  • Depending on the engine’s setup, a mounting plate is included in this set.
  • This mounting plate serves as an adaptor between your engine and the 210 ignition.
  • Fit the mounting plate on your engine.
  • Locate the cable exit on your engine and position the stator according to this hole. If necessary, remove the plug (see backside) and lead the cable through the hole.
  • Center the stator on the mounting plate (if present) or directly on your engine.
  • Gently bolt the stator to your engine; do not tighten the bolts yet.

Flywheel installation:

  • The flywheel has to be placed on the crankshaft or otherwise on an axis which rotates at the same speed.
  • Position the cylinder 2mm before its Top Dead Centre (TDC).
  • Place the flywheel on the shaft, aligning the mark on the rotor with the mark on the stator. This position corresponds with the maximum ignition advance. (see backside image)
  • The images on the right indicate which mark should be aligned according to the rotation direction.
  • Double check that the flywheel does not touch the stator windings.
  • Fasten the flywheel to the shaft.
  • Check the position of the cylinder. If necessary adjust the alignment by turning the stator plate.
  • Fasten the stator plate.

To gain performance, try to vary the cylinder position between 2 to 4mm before TDC.

Wiring instructions:

  • Light-coil yellow Connect the 60W light coil to your light circuit or regulator
  • HT-coil orange Connect the HT-coil to the frame, black ring Plug the orange cable to the HT-coil, Connect the black cable with ring to the bracket of the HT-coil and to the frame.
  • Stator 3-way plug Plug the 3-way connector of the stator directly into the CDI. If you need to lead the cable through a narrow space, See back side to remove the connector from the cable loom.
  • Kill black/white Connect the black-white to frame / ground for an emergency stop.
  • Curve switch yellow connect the curve button to these wires. (optional) switch yellow/green the button to select the desired advance curve

ATTENTION When using the M6 holes of the flywheel, (fan, flywheel puller,…) Make Sure the bolts don’t protrude inside the flywheel! Protruding bolts can damage the stator coils and void warranty.

Ignition curves:

Connector removal:

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