Exhaust silencer 32mm cigar for Sachs (Resonance exhaust) chrome

Model: 200882
Status: In stock

Resonance exhaust

  • 32mm connection.
  • Outer diameter 70mm
  • No exhaust manifold included!
  • Resonance cigar chrome - inconspicuous and powerful.
  • Optically an ordinary cigar exhaust, but inside a counter cone is worked in. This turns the supposedly original muffler into a resonance exhaust.
  • For all who want to combine original optics with tuning.
  • The special exhaust has a pleasant volume even at higher speeds.
  • With the suitable exhaust manifold (32mm) the tuning muffler can be mounted to all mopeds.

Measurements exhaust (picture 5)

  • A: -
  • B: -
  • C: 730mm length 
  • D: 32mm outer diameter
  • E: -

€ 59,50

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