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Here you will find all the tools that can come in handy when tinkering with your Puch. Literally from A to Z: from batteries to piston stopper and from assortment box to side cutter. You name it and we have it. Solid tools of quality brands that will give you years of pleasure. All from quality brands. And while you're filling your shopping basket, order one of our special hand soaps for when you're done tinkering. 

All tools

Sticker felt squeegee Oracal
12 volt universal charger
Air compressor tool set 5-pieces
Airblow gun long model
Airblow gun short model
Airblow gun with Spiral hose 5 meter
Allen key ball 9-pieces
Allen key set 7-pieces
Allen key set in holder
Allen keyset T-handle 10 pieces
Angle grinder 115mm 500W
Angle grinder flap disc 115mm K 40
Angle grinder flap disc 115mm K 60
Angle grinder flap disc 115mm K 80
Ball bearing puller inner

€ 81,50 € 75,00

Ball bearing puller kit outer
Ball bearing puller outer
Battery AA Duracell / Procell
Battery AA Philips (16 pieces)
Battery AAA Varta
Bearing puller BO17 / L17
Bench vise jaws alu soft (2x)
Blind nut rivet set steel 150-pieces
Blind nut rivet tool 41-pieces
Bolt cutter 60cm (24 inches)
Brush round 22cm

€ 1,50

Brush wide 40mm

€ 0,95

Cable lubricator BGS Technic
Caliper digital

€ 16,95

Caliper RVS

€ 10,50

Center point set 3-pieces
Chain brush universal blue
Chain link plier

€ 9,50

Chain punch pedal start chain
Chain tool 415 / 420 chain
Circlip plier tool set 4-pieces
Circlip ring pliers
Circlips assortment outer / inner 300-pieces
Clutch and flywheel locking key
Clutch puller / inside rotor
Combination plier 150mm
Compressor accessory set 5 pieces
Copper ring assortment 350-pieces
Cordless drill machine 18V Li-ion
Cover 4 x 5 meter army
Decibel meter digital
Degreaser bin 16 liters
Degreaser bin pump 26 watt
Doormat with Puch logo 90x60cm
Drilling set metal 19-pieces
Duct Tape Scapa 3162 50 Meter x 75mm (4 rolls)
Dustpan and brush set
Feeler gauge tool 0.05 > 1.00mm
File tool set 5-pieces
Fire extinguisher powder 1 kg
First aid kit moped equipment
First aid kit with wallmount
Fluid transfer pump
Flywheel puller M19x1 (Kokusan)
Flywheel pullerset universal
Fork wrench 10 inch 250mm
Fork wrench 12 inch 300mm
Fork wrench 8 inch 200mm
Fuel hose clamp plier tool
Funnel tool 4-pieces
Gasket hole punch set 5-pieces
Gasket scraper

€ 2,90

Gasket scraper blades 12x
Groove plier 250mm
Groove plier tool set 3-pieces
Hammer bench hammer 200 gram
Hammer dead-blow hammer
Hammer fibre 500 gram
Hammer Plastic / Rubber
Handcleaner Eurol yellowstar
Hanging hooks set 2-pieces
Headset tube cone tool set
Helicoil repair set M6x1.0
Helicoil repair set M7x1.0
Helicoil repair set M8x1.25
Helicoil repair set M10x1.5
Helicoils M6x1.0 25 pieces
Helicoils M7x1.0 25 pieces
Hollow wall anchor set 72 pieces
Hydraulic jack 3000 KG
Ignition spark tester
Impact drill 500W

€ 24,90

Impact Screwdriver + 6 Bits
Inner tube repair set Simson
Inner tube repairset Edge
Insulation Tape Black a roll
Ironsaw 33cm

€ 4,95

Jerrycan 10 Liter

€ 14,90

Jerrycan 10 Liter metal
Jerrycan 20 Liter
Jerrycan 5 Liter

€ 5,90

Jet cleaner / reamer set
Jet measuring tools
Jet reamer set

€ 32,90

Keychain Flashlight LED
Kneadable Mix alumium 56 gr
Kneadable Mix Metal 56 gr
Knee mat 46x28x4cm extra thick
Knife Stanley model heavy
Light LED + fan 2 in 1
Light LED inspection lamp COB
Light led work light SMD 230V
Locking Plier 10 inch
Locking wire pliers
Luggage elastic 2x 100cm
Magnet antenna model
Magnet flexible 40 cm
Magnet tools tray large
Magnet tools tray small 150mm
Marking pen 4 colors
Masking tape 25mm
Measuring cup 2 liter with spout
Measuring cup 250ml
Metal drills and bits set 64-pieces
Metal drills set 170-pieces
Metal drills set HSS 4-pieces
Micro Impact Driver (12cm) + 6 Bits
Micrometer M14x1.25
Micrometer M14x1.25 Buzetti Edge
Moped protective cover
Mounting gloves 1 pair
Multi tool accessory set 12-pieces
Multi tool accessory set 12-pieces
Multi tool accessory set 24-pieces
Multi tool accessory set 59-pieces
Multi tool with accessories in case
Multimeter digital
Multimeter digital Jumbo
Multitool 16 parts for mopeds
Multitool with flashlight
Nail brush

€ 0,99

Nose plier 150mm

€ 2,70

Nose plier bended 150mm
O-ring assortment 225-pieces
O-ring assortment 419-pieces
Oil can with flexible spout 300ml
Oil sump 15 liter with spout
Oil sump 5 liter with spout
Paper roll 26cm wide 500 sheets
Permanent marker 4 colors
Pinion Letters + Numbers 36 parts
Pipe socket tool set 6-pieces
Piston pin pusher tool
Pistonstop tool M14x1.25
Plug wrenches 12-pieces
Plug wrenches 12-pieces luxe
Plug wrenches tool Kukko 8-pieces
Polishing clothes 10x 2-pieces
Portable Workshop Heater 2000W
Powerbank 2200mAh multicolor
Puch moped wash shampoo
Pull-tap set left hand 5-pieces
Pulley Puller tool 3-pieces
Pulley puller tool set 4-pieces
Pump nail pliers with rivets
Ratchet tie down set 2x 2,5 meter
Safetyvest M / L

€ 5,95

Safetyvest S / M

€ 5,95

Safetyvest XL

€ 5,95

Scissor 24 cm

€ 2,25

Screwdriver 10 in 1 set duo handle
Screwdriver multi + 6 bits
Screwdriver set 12-pieces
Screwdriver softgrip 6-pieces
Screwdrivers set in pouch 100-pieces
Self grip pliers tool set 4-pieces
Side cutter 150mm
Socket set T-handle in box
Socket set T-handle in box 9-pieces
Socket tool set 14-pieces
Socket tool set 46-pieces
Socketset 52-piece, 1/4 "+1/2"
Soldering iron 30 Watt
Spark plug brush

€ 2,25

Spark plug wrench
Spark plug wrench long version
Spark plug wrench Retro version
Spark plug wrench T-handle
Spoke wrench tool
Spoke wrench tool Simson A-quality
Spring assortment 200-pieces
Spring puller

€ 6,25

Steel brush set plastic 3-pieces
Steel brush tool with pin 6-pieces
Steel brush wood

€ 2,15

Tacker / Stapler

€ 9,50

Tap t-wrench tool set 6-pieces
Test stand petrol tank 1,5 liter
Threading tool set 20-pieces
Threading tool set 40-piece
Tiewrap assortment 60-pieces
Tiewrap black 14 cm
Tiewrap black 20 cm
Tiewrap black 29 cm
Tin solder 1mm 60 gram
Tire filler

€ 10,25

Tire leaver 50cm

€ 5,90

Tire lever 24cm

€ 4,90

Tire paste / mounting grease 1kg
Tire pressure gauge digital
Tire pump

€ 5,95

Tool holders 4-pieces
Tool set 26-pieces in case
Tool set 48-piece

€ 44,90

Tool set for on the road
Toolbox 42 x 23 x 20 cm
Toolbox small 32x17x13cm
Toolbox with tools 108-pieces
Toolset 84-pieces CR-V professional
Torque wrench 1/2" 28-210Nm
Torque wrench 1/4" 5-25Nm
Tyre leverset 4-piece
Valve removal tool
Voltage tester 14cm
Watch screwdrivers 11 pieces
Workshop Stool on wheels
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