These chains and sprockets will get you there

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Here you'll find chains with only super strong links! Plus all types of front and rear sprockets in various teeth. From quality brands like KMC, IGM, SFR, Wipperman, Regina and Iris. We also have matching chain guides, tensioners, sprockets and links and you name it...

Another strong link: personal advice
Are you not so sure which chain, sprockets, other parts or tools you need for your Puch Maxi, Puch Monza, Puch X30, Puch X50 or Puch MV and Co? Feel free to contact us and one of our Puch experts will help you out and dive into the warehouse for you.
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Chain / Sprocket

Chain 415 + sprocket set Puch Maxi S / N / X30 automatic
Chain 415-100 IGM
Chain 415-100 SFR Competition
Chain 415-122 IGM Gold Pallet offer!
Chain 415-122 KMC

€ 11,50

Chain 415-122 Wippermann
Chain 415-122 YBN blue
Chain 415-122 YBN red
Chain 415-122 YBN yellow
Chain 415-126 Tsubaki Gamma-QRS
Chain 415-128 IRIS Gold
Chain 415-128 SFR Competition
Chain 415-128 SFR Competition Gold
Chain 415-128 YBN gold
Chain 415-130 D.I.D
Chain 415-130 Esjot Racing Chain
Chain 415-130 IGM Gold
Chain 420-122 KMC
Chain 420-122 Wippermann
Chain 420-122 YBN

€ 10,90

Chain 420-128 IRIS Gold
Chain 420-130 D.I.D
Chain brush universal blue
Chain guide Puch Maxi N
Chain guide Puch Maxi S set

€ 8,50 € 7,50

Chain guide Puch Maxi S spring
Chain guide Puch Maxi S
Chain link 415 IGM Gold
Chain link 415 IRIS Gold
Chain link 415 KMC / SFR / CHOHO
Chain link 415 Wippermann
Chain link 420 KMC / DID
Chain link plier

€ 9,50

Chain punch pedal start chain
Chain spray Valvoline 400ml
Chain Tensioner M6 13mm Puch Magnum
Chain tool 415 / 420 chain
Circlip front sprocket 15mm
Circlip plier tool set 4-pieces
Circlip ring pliers
Freewheel Puch Maxi S / N
Freewheel Puch Maxi S / N Esjot
Front sprocket 12 teeth with rubber
Front sprocket 13 teeth with rubber
Front sprocket 14 teeth with rubber
Front sprocket 15 teeth with rubber
Front sprocket 16 teeth with rubber
Front sprocket 17 teeth with rubber
Front sprocket 19 tooth
Front sprocket 20 tooth
Front sprocket 21 tooth
Maintenance kit universal

€ 24,59 € 22,50

Pedal crank shaft Puch Maxi chrome
Pedal start chain + chain punch
Pedal start chain universal
Rear sprocket bolt set Puch Z50
Rear sprocket Puch Monza 38 tooth
Rear sprocket Puch Z-One 47 tooth
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