Speedometer and cool cockpits

There is a speed limit for mopeds, so you want to know how fast you are going. Take your pick from our large selection: from nostalgic round and square replica counters to the classic cockpit of the Spanish brand GUIA! Also order the right mounting parts and speedometer cables.

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Counter drive

Counter shaft Puch 2-3 gears
Headlight square black
Headlight square black LED! 6V
Headlight square black with switch
Headlight square chrome / black
Headlight square chrome with switch
Headlight square grey with switch
Odometer light fitting BA9 bulb
Odometer light fitting T10 bulb
Speedometer clamp 60mm black
Speedometer cockpit 80’s oldskool GUIA universal
Speedometer cockpit Puch Monza complete
Speedometer gear Puch P1
Speedometer hole cover plate 48mm
Showing 1 to 78 of 78 (1 pages)