Other frame parts

Airbox Hole Cover with Puch logo
Brake pedal Puch Monza / Grand Prix
Brake pedal Puch MV50 bearing bush
Brake pedal Puch MV50 first type
Brake pedal Puch VZ50 / DS50V
Brake pedal rubber Puch MV / MS
Cable grommet assortment 180-pieces
Cable guide windguard Puch Maxi PSR by CLAW aluminium
Carrying bracket MS50 / VS50 / MV50
Chain guide Puch Maxi N
Chain guide Puch Maxi S set

€ 8,50 € 7,50

Chain guide Puch Maxi S spring
Chain guide Puch Maxi S
Chainguard Puch Maxi S MLM left side
Chainguard Puch Monza
Chainguard Puch MV50 / MS50
Cockpitcover Puch Monza / Cobra
Emblem Puch

€ 13,50

Frame bracket Puch Maxi N chrome
Grommet 31x15mm

€ 1,00

Grommet for cable (a piece)
Headlight logo notch nail Puch MS
Horn air horn 12V 2-tones universal
Ignition lock universal
Keychain foxtail

€ 6,50

Kneadable Mix alumium 56 gr
Kneadable Mix Metal 56 gr
Moped protective cover
Penetrating oil MoTip 400ml
Plate nut speednut M5
Plate nut speednut M6
Race mesh black

€ 7,90

Race mesh blue

€ 6,90

Race mesh gold

€ 6,90

Race mesh red

€ 6,90

Race mesh silver

€ 6,90

Race mesh white

€ 6,90

Set frameparts ''Twist'' Maxi N
Set frameparts ''Twist'' Maxi S
Shock absorber bolt top M8
Typetag for Puch DS50
Typetag for Puch Maxi L
Typetag for Puch Maxi N
Typetag for Puch Maxi S Piaggio
Typetag for Puch MS50
Typetag for Puch MV50
Typetag for Puch VS50
Typetag for Puch VS50D
Typetag for Puch VZ50
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