Lighting, seeing and being seen

Go for an afternoon tour with your Puch and you always get admiring glances. But also in the evening and at night you want to be seen. And you want to be able to see everyone as well. We have a wide range of headlights, taillights and indicators in many designs, original-look and custom, and brands like Hella and Guia. Plus headlight spoilers and grills, wiring, indicator relays and of course the lights themselves, many in LED nowadays.


2nd chance Headlight egg-model 130mm large model chrome
Battery AA Philips (16 pieces)
Brake switch Puch VZ50
Fuse holder with wire universal
Headlight egg-model 102mm switch
Headlight grill black 130mm
Headlight grill round 130mm chrome
Headlight grille black square
Headlight grille chrome square
Headlight grille white square
Headlight logo notch nail Puch MS
Headlight logo Puch MS
Headlight round 130mm black
Headlight round 130mm chrome
Headlight round 130mm classic black
Headlight round 130mm classic chrome
Headlight round 145mm black GUIA
Headlight spoiler round black
Headlight spoiler round red
Headlight spoiler square black
Headlight spoiler square white
Headlight spoiler Window for Puch Magnum Ltd.
Headlight square black
Headlight square black LED! 6V
Headlight square black with switch
Headlight square chrome / black
Headlight square chrome with switch
Headlight square grey with switch
Ignition lock universal
Light bulb BA15 6v 10 watt
Light bulb BA15 6v 5 watt
Light bulb BA15s 6v headlight LED
Light bulb BA20d 12V 25/25 watt
Light bulb BA20d 12V 35/35 watt
Light bulb BA9 6v 4 watt taillight
Light bulb BAY15d 12V 21 / 5 W
Light resistor universal
Lightbulb BA15 12V 10 watt red
Lightning set 3 LED + 3 LED
Multimeter digital Jumbo
Nut M10x1.25 flat
Rectifier universal (AC > DC) LED
Reflector orange front fork
Reflector orange universal
Reflector red universal
Safetyvest M / L

€ 5,95

Safetyvest S / M

€ 5,95

Safetyvest XL

€ 5,95

Soldering iron 30 Watt
Speedometer hole cover plate 48mm
Spoiler Headlight Pearly chrome
Spoiler Headlight Pearly red
Spoiler headlight round chrome
Tail light Vespa style
Taillight big

€ 11,90

Taillight big Puch 2-speed
Taillight classic Model Hella
Taillight classic model rubber
Taillight classic oldtimer
Taillight Maltese cross black
Taillight Maltese cross chrome
Taillight Puch MS50 old model
Taillight red (glass only)
Taillight small black
Taillight small black LED 6V
Taillight small carbon
Taillight small carbon glass
Taillight small chrome
Taillight small chrome Lexus style
Taillight small white (glass only)
Taillight Spanninga replica
Taillight teardrop

€ 24,95

Taillight universal with brake light
Terminal block 6mm 12-pieces
Tin solder 1mm 60 gram
Voltage Regulator 12 volt 3-pins AC
Voltage regulator 6 volt 3-pins AC
Voltage regulator universal LED
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