Make your exhaust pop

The exhaust is an eye-catcher. And at the same time an ear-catcher, thanks to the characteristic sound. Give your Puch more power with an exhaust in chrome, deep black, cool kevlar or rather for the original Puch-look? Choose from brands like Biturbo, Homoet, Jamarcol, Tecnigas, Proma, DMP and Tecno. Also check out our PSR exhausts! The latter are specially developed for us, so only available from us!...

Also universal exhausts and accessories
Besides complete 2-stroke exhausts for Puch and other moped brands with 22 or 28mm bend, you can also find separate silencers and header pipes here. And of course for all matching accessories such as exhaust gaskets and fasteners like clamps, exhaust springs and suspension brackets.
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Exhaust clamp 27-29mm double model
Exhaust clamp 28-30mm massive steel
Exhaust clamp 30-32mm double model
Exhaust clamp 30mm
Exhaust clamp 30mm with rubber
Exhaust clamp 32mm
Exhaust clamp 32mm with rubber
Exhaust clamp 34-35mm massive steel
Exhaust clamp 38-39mm double model
Exhaust clamp 38mm massive steel
Exhaust clamp 50mm universal
Exhaust clamp 60mm universal
Exhaust clamp 64mm universal
Exhaust clamp 70mm universal
Exhaust clamp Puch VS / DS
Exhaust gasket 22mm
Exhaust gasket 22mm with ring
Exhaust gasket 26mm
Exhaust gasket 27mm with ring
Exhaust gasket cylinder 20mm
Exhaust manifold Puch DS50 28mm
Exhaust manifold Puch M50 28mm
Exhaust manifold Puch Monza 22mm
Exhaust manifold Puch MS / VS 20mm
Exhaust manifold Puch MS / VS 22mm
Exhaust manifold Puch MV / VS 28mm
Exhaust nut M6 brass short
Exhaust nut M6x25 brass long
Exhaust nut M7 + ring
Exhaust nuts M6 allen MBR
Exhaust Puch Maxi / E50 28mm Cigar resonance chrome
Exhaust Puch Maxi / E50 28mm MLM Paragon angled 74cc
Exhaust Puch Maxi / E50 28mm MLM Silent Ninja flat port
Exhaust Puch Maxi / E50 28mm Simonini blank with alu silencer
Exhaust Puch VS50 black
Exhaust Puch VS50 pipe black
Exhaust Puch VZ50 / Dakota 22mm
Exhaust Puch X30 22mm
Exhaust Puch X50 Homoet P4 black
Exhaust reducer bush 26mm-28mm
Exhaust silencer 22mm Puch Monza
Exhaust silencer universal Proma CC
Exhaust spring 48-51mm Malossi
Exhaust spring 53mm universal
Exhaust spring 70mm
Silent rubber M6

€ 2,95

Silent rubber M8

€ 2,50

Sticker Homoet Demper exhaust
Stud for exhaust / inlet M6x35
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