Crankcase oil

The right oil ensures trouble-free gear shifting. In addition, the oil forms a protective lubricating film, which protects your clutch against mechanical and thermal loads. So choose the oil carefully. For example, ATF Castrol Transmax-Z is highly recommended for racing and motocross bikes. We have oils from the brands Castrol, Eurol, Kroon and Valvoline.

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Clutch crankcase oil

Clutch-oil Eurol ATF 250ml
Clutch-oil Eurol ATF 250ml (4 bottles)
Clutch-oil Eurol ATF 250ml refreshment-kit
Clutch-oil Eurol ATF II D 1 liter
Clutch-oil Kroon ATF 250ml
Gear oil universal Eurol 350ml
Maintenance kit Puch and other brands universal
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