Clutch accessories

Clutch covers and corresponding bolt sets, clutch pressure plates, reinforcing plates and of course clutch shafts, gaskets and springs. Furthermore you can find shift dampers, circlips, spring washers and chimney rings, bearing bushes and special tools to work on your clutch.

Clutch accessories

Bolt set Puch ZA50 clutch cover
Circlip plier tool set 4-pieces
Circlip ring pliers
Clutch and flywheel locking key
Clutch axle Puch 2 / 3 gear 75mm
Clutch axle Puch 2 / 3 gear 85mm
Clutch axle Puch E50 complete
Clutch axle Puch E50 pedal-start
Clutch axle Puch E50 Swiing

€ 31,90 € 29,50

Clutch axle Puch Z50 o-ring
Clutch circlip Puch E50 rear 15mm
Clutch circlip Puch E50 rear 17mm
Clutch cover gasket for Puch Z50
Clutch cover gasket Puch MV / VS
Clutch cover gasket Puch ZA50
Clutch cover Puch Maxi S / N E50 race MBR with bleed valve
Clutch nut M10 pedal-start
Clutch pressplate Puch E50 kickstart
Clutch pressplate Puch E50 pedal start as original
Clutch Puch ZA50 starter unit
Clutch puller / inside rotor
Clutch springs set Puch E50 (blue / yellow / red)
Clutch springs set Puch E50 blue!
Clutch woodruff key Puch E50
Clutch-axle Puch E50 circlip
Maintenance kit universal

€ 24,59 € 22,50

Shift dampers ZA50 Engine red
Spring puller

€ 6,25

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