Don't catch yourself slipping, with the perfect clutch for Puch

Is your clutch letting you down? Here you can find a new one at a favorable price from HK, Surflex, DMP, CLAW, MBR and other solid brands. Plus of course all kinds of related parts like racing shoes, shim rings, clutch oil, bearings, seals and more! Almost everything is in stock so it will be delivered quickly...

You won't get far without a clutch
Is your engine revving but not moving an inch? Then your clutch could be worn out. Or your clutch is seized. The shoes (clutch segments) are then no longer pressed out against the clutch housing by the centrifugal forces, so the clutch no longer engages. Time for a replacement. Not sure which clutch you need? Contact us and together we will soon find out.
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€ 6,25

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