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Is your carburettor worn or clogged? 

That can lead to irregular performance, too much fuel consumption or other engine problems. 

Does adjusting or cleaning of the carburettor not help? Then buy a new one. Here you will find carburettors, sets, manifolds, diaphragms, nozzles, air filters and all separate parts....

Carburettors of quality brands
Our carburettors from brands like Bing (replica and original), Amal, Dellorto, Malossi and Polini are extremely reliable. With our large range we always have the right carburettor and spare parts for your moped. Often available in the original version. If not, we offer an excellent alternative with replica versions. Need advice? Contact us and we will help you quickly.
Make your Puch purr like a kitten again!
The carburettor mixes petrol with air so that a combustible mixture goes through the inlet manifold to the cylinder. A flawlessly functioning new carburettor improves the performance of your Puch engine and puts a big smile on your face when you go for a ride on your Puch.
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