Parts for Hercules/Sachs

Even if you don't own a Puch but a moped from Hercules/Sachs, you can find most engine parts at Such as cylinders of 50cc and 70cc and the corresponding cylinder heads, carburettors, inlet gaskets, clutch gaskets, crankshafts, air filters, front sprockets, exhausts and pistons and all sorts of fastening materials. Do you doubt whether the part fits or do you have technical questions? Contact us and our Puch-experts will be happy to help you.

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Hercules / Sachs Engine parts

2nd chance exhaust Hercules Prima / Optima 28mm Homoet P4 black
Air filter oil Malossi 250ml
Blower cover Sachs 50/3 replica
Blower hood Sachs 50/2 replica
Clutch cover Sachs 50 MB engines
Cylinder 50cc 38mm Sachs 50/3 SP
Cylinder 60cc 40mm Sachs 50/3 DMP
Cylinder 80cc 48mm Sachs 504 / 505
Inlet gasket Sachs 504 / 505
Piston pin 12x30mm 50cc
Piston pin 12x33mm 60cc - 70cc
Piston pin clip 12mm (2 pieces)
Piston wrist pin needle bearing small end 16x15x12mm ProX
Reed valve Sachs 2V / 3V / 4V
Showing 1 to 108 of 108 (1 pages)