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Registration form tour MopFest 2023 Mopfest 2023 | Moped Festival by Puchshop X Tomoshop

Due to the expected crowds and to be able to steer the tour in the right direction, we are forced to work with a pre-registration and a maximum number of 2x 60 riders. You can collect your starting number from the indicated stand at the event. Please note, that you cannot participate without a starting number!

Please take a moment to read the rules and conditions for the tour (see below). So we can assume that everyone knows where they stand and what they have to look out for!

The tour starts promptly at 13:00 and 13:30. Make sure you have picked up your starting number in time! The distance of the tour is about 30 kilometres (duration +/- 1:00 hour).

The pre-registrations are unfortunately full! If there are any dropouts on the day, you can of course ride along. We will announce this on the day itself.


1. This ride is a recreational ride organised by Puchshop.de BV.
2. Participation in the ride is entirely on own initiative and under the final responsibility of the driver of the moped.
3. The organiser is safeguarded by the driver from any form of liability that third parties may have towards the organiser as a result of any act or omission of the driver.
4. The organiser is not liable for any direct or indirect damage, including traffic violations, which may occur or be suffered as a result of participation in the ride, whether or not caused by the driver and/or the co-driver(s).
5. The participating moped must comply with all relevant legal regulations, including a valid third-party liability insurance.
6. There is no time limit attached to the ride nor will it be imposed by the organiser on the participants.
7. The driver is obliged to observe or supervise all traffic rules.
The driver is required to observe or supervise all traffic rules (pay attention to various equivalent intersections and right of way for cyclists).
8. All provisions of the Road Traffic Act and the accompanying Road Traffic and Traffic Signals Regulations are in full force during this tour.

If we all want to enjoy our mopeds and touring on them, there is no escaping it. To keep it fun and safe for everyone, here are a few rules. Please read it carefully. By participating in a tour of Puchshop.de BV you agree with the following conditions


- Participating in a tour is always at own risk of the participants.
- Puchshop.de BV will not accept any liability concerning damage to persons and/or vehicles caused before, during and/or after the and/or vehicles caused before, during and/or after the Puchshop tour.
- Everybody is responsible for his/her own traffic behaviour, a possible route guidance does route guidance does not alter this.
- Participants of a tour always have to follow the instructions of the tour organisation.
- Participants in a tour are personally responsible for the requirements of the road traffic regulations.
road traffic regulations for the road user.
- A valid licence plate must be fitted to the moped.
- Participants must have at least third-party insurance.
- Wearing a helmet during a tour is mandatory. (Also for mopeds).
- Participants in a tour are deemed to know and agree to these regulations.


- Participants are not allowed to overtake other (front) drivers.
- Always make sure there is enough space between them, so that steering corrections and/or avoiding obstacles remain possible.
- This space is sometimes also necessary to give passing traffic the opportunity to (possibly) merge.
- All participants must arrive at the meeting point on time with a full tank.
- The participants who belong to the organisation and wear an orange jacket are not traffic controllers.
- Each participant must be able to trust that the other participants will pay attention to each other.
- It is not the intention to stop traffic at crossroads, roundabouts, traffic lights and the like.
- When stopping for a junction, traffic lights or other obstacles, form a line of 2 mopeds next to each other.
- The legal speed limits will be observed.
- In traffic, you are extra vulnerable as a moped rider (especially in a group).

Pleasant touring is our motto!

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