Ignition model Bosch coil VEC TV-2E electronic for all Puch mopeds and other brands

Brand: VEC ignitions
Model: 80114
Status: In stock

Maximum of 2 VEC ignitions for each customer!

Electronic ignition coil Puch mopeds

  • Suitable for Puch Maxi and all Puch mopeds with 2, - 3, and 4. Geared motor
  • Also for Kreidler, Zündapp, Sachs, Hercules, Tomos with Bosch or Iskra ignitions
  • Suitable for 6v en 12v
  • Start rpm 400, max rpm 10000
  • Suitable for left- and right turning engines
  • Replaces ignition coil, breaker points and capacitor
  • A NGK B8HS, Bosch W4A, Bosna F100 or Champion L78 spark plug is recommended.
  • Simple conversion of a contact-controlled into a contactless electronic ignition. Remove old ignition coil, breaker points and capacitor, install ignition module - done!

Instruction manual

€ 99,95

€ 89,95

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Engine parts
Motor E50, Z50, ZA50, 2 / 3 speed, 4 speed
Electric / ignition
Ignition type Model Bosch, Electronic
Rotation Left, Right
Volt 6 volt, 12 volt

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