Ignition model Bosch coil VEC TV-2E electronic

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- Expected again in early March 2023! -

Electronic ignition coil Puch mopeds

  • Suitable for Puch Maxi and all Puch mopeds with 2, - 3, and 4. Geared motor
  • Also for Kreidler, Zündapp, Sachs, Hercules, Tomos with Bosch or Iskra ignitions
  • Suitable for 6v en 12v
  • Start rpm 400, max rpm 10000
  • Suitable for left- and right turning engines
  • Replaces ignition coil, breaker points and capacitor
  • A NGK B8HS, Bosch W4A, Bosna F100 or Champion L78 spark plug is recommended.
  • Simple conversion of a contact-controlled into a contactless electronic ignition. Remove old ignition coil, breaker points and capacitor, install ignition module - done!
  • Mounting size: 54mm

Additional information

  • The TV-2E electronic ignition module is an ignition coil for the transformation from contact point-based ignition to non-contact ignition.
  • The TV2-E is a digitally controlled ignition module. It is only programmed to work with original flywheels (Bosch, Ducati, Iskra) and our imitation flywheel (313312). For any other flywheels you use and install, we cannot guarantee the proper functioning of our TV-2E ignition module.
  • It is also very important that the spark plug cap does not have a resistance greater than 2 kOhm.
  • The flywheel assembly and the TV-2E ignition module are designed for continuous operation at a speed of 8,000 rpm and short operation at a speed of 10,000 rpm.
  • The TV-2E ignition module is not intended for installation in tuning engines with speeds higher than 10,000 rpm.
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Product specifications

Brand:VEC ignitions
Engine parts
MotorE50, Z50, ZA50, 2 / 3 speed, 4 speed
Electric / ignition
Ignition typeModel Bosch, Electronic
RotationLeft, Right
Volt6 volt, 12 volt

Info center

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About VEC ignitions

The company VEC ignitions was founded in 1983. VEC is a modern organisation with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility specialising in the production of ignition modules. VEC is a replacement for almost all components in a conventional ignition so that there are far fewer factors in the ignition that can lead to malfunctions.