2nd chance Cylinder 70cc OM PSR 6-port (45mm) Crooked!

Brand: PSR
Model: TK0034
Status: Not in stock

PSR 70cc cylinder (45mm)

Attention! The foot of the cylinder is slightly crooked, this can be solved by ordering a thick foot gasket (1.5mm) and assembling it with extra liquid gasket.

These cylinders from the brand PSR are high quality cylinders specially developed for Puchshop. PSR cylinders are known for their high quality and long life. 

The set comes standard with gaskets, piston, piston pin and piston rings. 

  • Aluminium with Nicasil wall
  • 70cc
  • Fast 6 port cylinder
  • Piston (piston pin 12mm) and gaskets set included
  • Old model
  • Cilindersleeve is 48mm outter diameter

Caution! 2nd chance products cannot be returned!

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Cylinder / head
Cylinder displacement 70cc
Cylinder diameter 45mm
Cylinder model Old model

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