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Crankshaft Puch Maxi E50 Toronda high-end race

Brand: Toronda
Model: 201150
Status: In stock

TORONDA crankshaft - Puch Maxi E50 new model

Top quality from the Netherlands, developed for and tested in racing conditions

High-end crankshaft developed especially for racing use.

  • Big-end pin 16mm
  • Optimised balance factor, through the use of tungsten and aluminium
  • CNC milled connecting rod
  • Very high total crankshaft stiffness

Balance factor optimised for the most commonly used racing pistons. In order to achieve the right balance factor without losing crankcase pressure, aluminium and tungsten have been used. This gives this crankshaft less vibration, more power and a longer lifespan!

The entire crankshaft is hardened/heat treated to increase wear resistance and stiffness. After hardening, the entire crankshaft is ground to within very tight tolerance specifications. 

The cnc milled lightweight connecting rod is equipped with top quality silver cage big-end bearing. To increase the stiffness of the crankshaft a 16mm big-end pin has been chosen. The connecting rod is made of a specific chromium nickel molybdenum alloy which is cemented and hardened after machining. This also increases the stiffness of the crankshaft.

The small-end eye is suitable for a needle roller bearing with an outer diameter of 15mm. We recommend using a widened (16 or 17mm wide) needle roller bearing in order to allow the small end eye to carry the full width at all times. this will improve reliability and wear resistance.

The circlip grooves/circlips position the crankshaft bearing on the coupling side, no further adjustment required.

The use of 6203 C3 and 6203 NR C3 bearings is recommended for high speed racing engines.

Attention: With this crankshaft order old model bearings and new model oil seals Viton!

Required parts (not included!)

Explanation old and new model crankshaft E50 engines

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