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2-stroke oil Castrol Power 1 (RS) to go 250ml with a dispensing cap (5x offer)

Brand: Castrol
Model: 201965
Status: In stock

Castrol Power 1 2T 2-stroke oil

250ml to go. Handy for travelling, with dispensing cap

Buy 5 bottles for € 3.95 a piece (20.2% off)

Half synthetic oil for two-stroke engine

Castrol Power1 2T is a half synthetic two-stroke oil developed specifically for the modern 2-stroke engines. Castrol's oil also helps to keep both the engine and exhaust clean, preventing soot clogging and ensuring top performance at all times. The two-stroke oil meets and exceeds API TC, JASO FD and ISO L-EGD standards.

A good half synthetic oil

If you're looking for a good, half synthetic oil for your 2-stroke machine, then Castrol Power1 2T oil is an excellent choice for you. The half synthetic 2-stroke oil is of good quality, giving your engine a good feel and always running optimally.

For injection systems as well as for pre-mixing in the fuel

Castrol Power1 2T 2-stroke oil can be used for both injection systems and fuel pre-mixing according to the manufacturer's instructions.

€ 24,75

€ 19,75

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